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2020 Vote

THEIA Election Ballot 2020 Officers & Directors

  • In keeping with the recent Bylaw changes THEIA elections are now available online for your convenience. Fields on this ballot followed with an " * ", asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in before a ballot is eligible for submission. In the advent of duplicate ballots or repeat submissions of ballots, the ballot received first or with the earliest time/date stamp will be the ONLY ballot that will be processed and/or accepted.

    This ballot will serve as the official ballot for the 2020 Texas Hunter Education Instructors Association annual elections.

    Please fill out all informational boxes with your information.

    Under each elected position chose ONE candidate you wish to vote for. Upon completion of the ballot you may use the submit button at the bottom of the page and the ballot should be then processed and- e-mailed to the e-mail address of: theia.elections@gmail.com.

    Eligible voting members will be allowed one ballot per individual. If more than one ballot is received from any one individual the ballot received first or with the earliest time date stamp will be consider the only official ballot. Ballots received from non-eligible voters will be destroyed and are not counted. On the opening day of voting an auto-responder will be attached to the official elections e-mail account and you will receive a e-mail acknowledging receipt of your ballot submission.



  • To be appointed No Nominations