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YHEC – Youth Hunter Education Challenge


This year the official YHEC for the State of Texas will be October 10th, 2016

THEIA and TPWD are seeking to find a YHEC Coordinator for the State of Texas.

After many years of service Duke Walton has retired from the position as State YHEC Coordinator and we are now looking for someone to carry on the tradition to become the new State YHEC Coordinator.

If you are interested in the position please contact us via the CONTACT page and we will provide details.  Please pass this information on to others as we would like to get this position filled as soon as possible.  As are all hunter education positions, this is a volunteer position.

# # # – June 2016

THEIA releases new EVENTS Calendar


It may be found here EVENTS

We are currently adding events and dates to the calendar and experimenting with all the settings.
If you have an event to post please email us from the CONTACT page and provide us information so we may post to the calendar.

If you have personal training and are a THEIA Member we will be happy to list your personal training as well.

Advanced Hunter Education Workshops will also be listed on the new Events Calendar.

# # # – June 2016

Website Update


At the 2016 Hunter Education Convention in Houston it was mentioned that there were several different website addresses for the Texas Hunter Education Instructors Association website.  It was also discovered that there were old outdated and non-official THEIA websites left over from years past that were still active.

THEIA has now secured and redirected all known existing THEIA website addresses to this website.
TEXASTHEIA.ORG is now the official website of THEIA.

If you find other web addresses leading to other websites claiming to be the THEIA website please let us know via the CONTACT page so we might investigate.

If you find broken or non-working links that need to be fixed or removed please contact us via the CONTACT page with your findings.

# # # – June 2016

THEIA Website Assistance Request


THEIA is a all volunteer organization as such we must rely upon members to help us.

Currently we are seeking to hear from anyone who is versed in using WordPress or anyone who is willing to learn that might be interested in helping as a co-administrator of the website.

If you have any desire to help with the THEIA website please contact us via the CONTACT page.


# # # – June 2016


– THEIA staff