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Online Registration System

NEW for 2017
Online Registration System (ORS)

Education Registration System

Screen Shot of the current TPWD landing page for the Online Registration System.

This year the Department implemented the new Online Registration System (ORS), commonly refereed “OARs” like a paddle in a canoe.  This system was designed to streamline registration for Texas Hunter Education classes, eliminate the old scan-tron system and move the program into an era of better record keeping.  Same as the “Online” Hunter Education courses this system as been rolled out and the future of Hunter Education in Texas will include the use of ORS for all Hunter Education courses and Instructors.

As with any new system introduced to the masses the best of planning and design can only be proven out by the end users.  The ORS is no different, we need the Hunter Education Instructors and Public to provide feedback on the system to continue to correct issues and improve the system.  While the core of the ORS system is in place and generally functional some users still have suggestions and concerns about the system.

For Texas Hunter Education Instructors the Department has setup a process of communicating thoughts on the ORS system between the Department and Instructors.  The Department wishes that Instructors contact their regional TPWD Specialist first with concerns related to the ORS system.  For a list of regional TPWD Hunter Education Specialists click here – TPWD Regional Hunter Education Specialists.

THEIA is committed to ORS system and we support the efforts of the Department to implement this system.  To help present information to the Department from user experiences and to improve the system we ask all of those whom are users of the system who have comments and/or suggestions please use the ORS form to illustrate your comments to that we might present them to the Department to help improve this project so it might be the best it can be.  Your completed form will be forwarded to the TPWD Specialist in your area.

ORS Comment Form