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ORS Overview

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department moved in 2017 to implement a new Online Registration System (ORS) to improve the overall experience of Texas Hunter Education for everyone, the Texas Hunter Education Instructors, the Students who participate in Hunter Education and the general public.

Goals of the Online Registration System include:

  • Print replacement Hunter Education cards for existing certified students
  • Print new Hunter Education cards for newly certified students
  • Allow the public to find and locate classes in their area
  • Allow the Instructors to promote and book classes to present to the public
  • Streamline course registration for both Instructors and Students
  • Provide the convenience of online payment for Students
  • Provide Students with map and location information on courses
  • Provide unified platform for Instructors to communicate information to Student

Other goals of the ORS not widely understood…..

  • Improve record keeping for Instructors & Department
  • Improve communications for Instructors & Department
  • Provide better accounting to present information to State & Federal agencies
  • Ensure Instructors receive credit for time & participation
  • Provide better accounting for Instructor Incentive Awards
  • Many other goals designed overall to support and provide improvements for the Instructor and the Department

It is for the reasons listed here and others not expressed that it is important for everyone involved in the Texas Hunter Education experience to embrace the move towards this new Online Registration System so we might improve Texas Hunter Education for everyone.

THEIA as the voice of the Texas Hunter Education Instructor has instituted a online form so that everyone might express their thoughts, concerns and suggestions about the ORS system in an attempt that we can work with the Department to improve the overall experience and make the system the best it can be.  Please use the link below to be taken directly to the online ORS form.